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One of the most affordable aesthetic solutions for your teeth here in Kyrenia, Cyprus.

Dental laminate veneers are very thin materials that cover and mimic the front visible side of teeth, like a tooth mask, to change its size length, shape or colour, leaving you with a natural-looking smile.

A bit like a fake nail that is placed over fingernails, laminate veneers are generally suitable for patients who have a relatively straight set of teeth and can last almost a lifetime.    

In contrast to dental crowns, porcelain laminate Veneers require minimum amount of tooth surface reduction. Therefore, dentists consider porcelain veneers as one of the least invasive aesthetic dental procedures.

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Creating Hollywood Smiles in Cyprus

Here at Harun Yildirim Dental Surgery & Clinic in Cyprus, we only use pure ceramic E-Max Veneers, the same that are used today in Hollywood by celebrities, high profile figures and glamour models.

An advanced type of porcelain veneer, sometimes called E-Max laminate veneers, these are crafted from lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and offer several advantages.

What are the Advantages of E-Max Laminate Veneers?

Are Veneers suitable for you?

Veneers may be unsuitable for you if you have oral diseases like gum disease, severe tooth decay, or lack of enamel on teeth.

You can contact Dentist Harun Yildirim for a free consultation and diagnosis and understand the best options for you.

Meticulous in cosmetic dentistry, Dentist HY will take time to the goals each patient is looking for with their new set of veneers.

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Why Dental Crowns?

The greatest asset of E-Max Veneers is its translucent appearance. Other porcelains are opaque, which can make them seem dull in comparison to natural teeth.

The semi-transparent quality of E-Max laminate veneers is a closer match to natural teeth and allow you to look at the mirrow with a smile that looks and feels natural.

Here at Harun Yildirim Dental Surgery & Clinic in Cyprus, we specialise in creating healthy and attractive looking smiles.

E-Max Veneers Procedure Overview

If veneers are an option for you, then we will move you to the treatment planning process.

After X-rays of your teeth, Dentist HY will make an oral impression, used to sculpt the veneers at the lab. You will also choose the colour of the veneers that best match your natural look.

The day of the procedure, he will remove a small bit of enamel from each tooth to create a space for the veneer to adhere to and not impede the patient’s bite.

With that layer of enamel removed, a mould is created of the teeth. Temporary veneers are prepared and applied while the patient waits for the lab to create the permanent ones.

Finally when the permanents are ready, the bonding process will begin. The dentist will apply an acidic gel that dissolves minerals on the surface of each tooth so that there is a rough surface for the veneer to bond to solidly. Cementing the veneers in place is a quick process that involves a special light to speed the hardening process.

Once the porcelain veneers are set, they will be bonded to the patient’s teeth in minutes. Patients can choose to use a local anaesthetic to eliminate any risk of pain.

Get New Porcelain Veneers

There is virtually no downtime when getting porcelain veneers and at the most, some might feel slight sensitivity to hot and cold food and drink due to the enamel that was removed beneath the veneers themselves.

Other than that, patients are ready to flash their new pearly white teeth for all to see. E-Max porcelain veneers tend to last over twenty years.

e-max veneers

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Long life. As the Emax veneers are made from ultra-durable, pressed ceramic porcelain, they are more likely to outlast others on the market, and by as much as 10 years. Many patients fail to realise that veneers, even the ones that last the longest, do not stay the same indefinitely and can eventually crack or chip.

The Emax veneer is a very thin, custom-made shell of slightly translucent lithium glass ceramic, bonded to the patient’s teeth. Considered as the most solid veneers in the market, they last between 10 and 15 years with a good dental hygiene.

The semitransparent quality of eMax laminate veneers is a closer match to natural teeth. eMax Veneers and eMax Crowns crafted from this material blend better and allow you to face the world with a smile that looks and feels natural.