Dental Implants in North Cyprus.

Affordable, high-quality dental implants at Harun Yildirim Dental Surgery & Clinic in Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

Dental implants are one of the best solutions to give your smile an aesthetic appeal, and North Cyprus is a leading dental destination for this treatment.

Patients sometimes use dentures and dental bridges to overcome the missing tooth issue. These can be somewhat irritating and difficult to maintain for some.

Replacement of a deficient or missing tooth with an artificial tooth created with titanium, these implant into the jawbone and act as a root for a new functional crown on top.

Dental implants are one of the best solutions to give your smile an aesthetic appeal in Cyprus.

You are only a few steps away from:

A Dental Implant consists of three components:


which replaces the roots of the teeth.


which acts as a connector between the screw and crown of the tooth.


which takes the colour and size of neighbouring teeth.

You are in Safe Hands

The structure and design of your smile is prepared through advanced technology which ensure all the right angles to implant the teeth.

Over 20 years’ experience and over 7,000 successful implants, we can safely say we enjoy dental implants at Harun Yildirim Dental Surgery & Clinic in North Cyprus.

Creating Hollywood Smiles in Cyprus.

How to get new Dental Implants in North Cyprus?



Share with us some photos of your mouth, an X-Ray and CT-Scan, so that we can check your oral condition. If all is well, we will book you an appointment for treatment.



All screws will be fitted to the jawbone and abutments will be fixed. Enjoy healing of the stiches seaside, poolside or mountainside.



During the recovery period of 3 to 4 months, you will need to take care of your oral hygiene. After this, visit back for crowns and the implant process is complete.

Regain your Confidence once more with Dental Implants

Six implants on the upper jaw, six implants on the lower jaw, topped off with highly durable and attractive zirconia crowns.
Six dental implants to the upper jaw followed by aesthetic zirconia crowns for strong performance.
Successful Restorative Dental Implant Treatment.

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Dental Implant Prices in North Cyprus

What is the price of dental implants in North Cyprus? Why are dental treatments in North Cyprus so cheap? We get asked these questions all the time.

The answer is straightforward – the cost of living and labour is very low when compared with many other European countries and the US. The value of the local currency, the Turkish Lira is also weak relative to the Euro, Pound and US Dollar.

This allows in all for us to provide you the same services, if not better, at lesser prices.

At Harun Yildirim, we never compromise the quality of our services, and use top brand technologies and material and manufacturers that are used in the Europe and the UK.   

The costs of dental implants in the UK and Europe can pinch pockets. That is why most patients choose Dental Clinics in North Cyprus for dental implants.

And why not? You will receive better dental treatment, at a lesser price, discover a unique island and have a free holiday to go with it!

Find all our updated dental prices including the cost of different types of dental implants.

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How long do I have to wait before the implant can be applied after tooth extraction?

It is necessary to wait 1.5-2 months for the healing of the extraction wound and the filling of the extraction site with bone. In some cases, it can be applied without waiting, but it is also necessary to use bone powder.

Can the person who has the implant undergo an MR?

The implant is made of titanium and titanium does not have magnetism. Therefore, there is no harm in having an MR for patients who have implants. In tomography, it does not matter whether it has a magnet feature or not. Tomography can also be taken after the implant application. 

Is tomography necessary for the implant?

Diagnosis with Dental Tomographic Image is Indispensable for Implant Planning. In order to start the treatment process of the patient to be implanted, the images obtained after dental tomography are of serious importance.

What happens if the dental implant is not made?

If the implant is not applied to the cavities caused by the extracted teeth, a serious disorder will occur in the jaw structure. Over time, it causes gaps in the teeth. Due to the gap formed in the lower and upper teeth after extraction, the closing order is disturbed.


Is there any harm because of the implant?

The implant is an application made of titanium, which does not cause any harm or adverse effects on the human body.

When is the tooth inserted after the implant is made?

Generally, after 3 months, the implant and the bone are fused and the implant is opened and tooth construction begins. When sinus augmentation is performed, this period should be 6 months.