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Elevated quality, reasonably priced dental crowns in Kyrenia, Cyprus.

Dental crowns or dental caps are the best solution for dental restoration, applied to fully cover a visibly yellow or mis-shaped tooth.

Dental crowns have an anatomical shape of a real tooth and covers or encircles an existing tooth or dental implant, allowing for restoring of chewing and verbal functions.

Using high-quality materials, with dental crowns you can have a totally natural-looking tooth at Harun Yildirim Dental Surgery & Clinic.

Types of Dental Crowns by material at Harun Yildirim

Full Metal Crowns are very durable and one of the most affordable prosthetics options. They are a great option especially for restoration of the chewing function of molars. They are made of a cobalt-chrome metal alloy, sometimes with a coating of precious metals and gold. A disadvantage of metal crowns is its non-aesthetic metallic appearance and is therefore not preferred to use for incisors and teeth located in a smile line. 

Zirconia Crowns are widely used by specialist Harun Yildirim, a great development in dental prosthetics. Consisting of two components, a zirconia core and an outer layer of porcelain enamel, this structure makes zirconia crowns highly durable and attractive. What’s more, one cannot differentiate between natural teeth and artificial teeth made from zirconium.

Porcelain Crowns are non-metal orthopaedic constructions made of pressed ceramics which ensures their high durability. Porcelain crowns are known for their excellent aesthetics and are almost identical to natural enamel, which is why they can be easily put even on the front teeth.


Why Dental Crowns?


Who needs Dental Crowns?

Anyone looking for a change in their smile, fed up with stained and weak teeth can opt for dental crowns.

Crowns will help to restore the functionality of a broken or worn-out tooth and enhance smiles by filling gaps between teeth.

What are the Advantages of Crowns for Teeth?

How much is tooth crown in Cyprus?

Why are dental treatments in North Cyprus so cheap? We get asked these questions all the time.

The simple answer is that the cost of living and labour is very low when compared with many other European countries, the UK and the US. What’s more, the value of the local currency, the Turkish Lira is also weak relative to the Euro, Pound and US Dollar.

That is why we are able to provide you the same service, if not better, at relatively much lesser prices than you are used to at home.


What is the difference between Crowns & Veneers?

Both crowns and veneers are effective in improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth. Veneers are used for front of tooth problems, as it only covers the front side of your teeth. Dental crowns are different in that they cover the whole tooth.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is one of the options to replace a missing tooth without wearing a denture or implant surgery. Using two teeth, one on each side, as anchors, the replacement tooth is connected to the two anchors. Bridges are esthetic, durable, and a great way to improve your chewing, smile, and overall health.

How Long Will A Crown Last?

To some degree, the longevity of your crown is down to you and how well you look after your teeth. If you maintain good standards of oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly, eat the right diet and don’t grind your teeth or use them to do things like opening bottles, then a crown can last between 10 and 15 years.

Do I Have To Take Any Precautions When I Have Been Fitted With A Temporary Crown?

During the time when the dentist has fitted a temporary crown, you will have to take some precautions regarding the food you eat. Temporary crowns are, by their nature, not intended to last forever and are therefore not fixed as securely as permanent crowns. Therefore, it will be necessary to avoid chewing on the side of the mouth which has the temporary crown fitted and to steer clear of sticky foods which might pull the crown out, or hard foods which may chip and damage it. As temporary crowns tend to stain more easily than permanent crowns, it may also be sensible to avoid foods which tend to stain, such as beetroot or curry.

• What is better Emax or porcelain veneers?

Long life. As the Emax veneers are made from ultra-durable, pressed ceramic porcelain, they are more likely to outlast others on the market, and by as much as 10 years. Many patients fail to realise that veneers, even the ones that last the longest, do not stay the same indefinitely and can eventually crack or chip.

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